Creating and managing a website used to require a lot of technical skills – html, css, php, asp, etc. Today, there are lots of tools to choose from that allow almost anyone to run a  website. A modern content management system (CMS) makes running, editing, and expanding your website easy.

What is a CMS and why use it?

A content management system (CMS) is a website that allows a user to log in and make edits right in the web browser. These systems make editing easy for non technical users. This reduces reliance on technical staff and increases flexibility and the speed in which you can make changes. Another advantage of a CMS is that they use templates, which provide consistency in design and content.

So now that you know a little about what CMSs are, how do you know which one to choose?

What you should look for

There are many CMSs available today, with advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Here are some things to consider when searching for one:

  • Language the CMS is written with
    Different CMSs are written in different programming languages. PHP, ASP, Ruby, and ColdFusion are some of the most common. What language used can affect how easy (or hard) it is to get hosting and support.

  • Support and upgrades
    It is important to choose a CMS that has support available, so there is help available if you run into problems. If you buy set-up services, make sure the provider should have support available to them as well. Also consider whether upgrades are included.

  • Expandability and new functionality
    Your website may start out small, but as your business grows, your website will grow too. Make sure your CMS choice has options for adding more functionality as you need it.

  • Mobile Design
    Modern websites use “responsive design” which allows viewing the same page on any device. Responsive design adjusts the design so your website shows on a mobile device the same way as on a desktop computer.
  • Capacity for complexity
    Some CMSs are simple to use, but quickly get too complicated once populated with content. Be sure to choose a CMS that can accommodate lots of content.

  • Easy Access to Editing Features
    Some CMSs have a separate ‘back end’ area to edit the website, while others allow ‘in place editing’ right on the page — a much less tedious process.

  • Website AdministratorsIf you are a large organization, it will be helpful to allow multiple users with different levels of access to edit the website. This is helpful to ensure users only edit what you’d like them to edit.

  • Amount of Editability
    Choose a CMS that allows you to edit all areas including banner images, footer and sidebar items, and any other functionality. Otherwise, you will be paying others to make these changes

Our CMS:  I-Content

I-Content is our CMS that is easy to use, easy to understand, and  easy to expand. It will let you quickly edit your website, on your schedule, so you can spend your time working on your business not fighting with your website.

Design, setup, hosting, training, and support are included.  The CMS is very simple to use, utilizing in-place editing for content management. There are many built in features that allow you to do most anything, and if you need more they are easy and inexpensive to add.



PHP, the world’ s most popular scripting language

Support and upgrades

I-Content is built on a mature open source product,  supported by I-Evolve. Periodic upgrades are included with hosting.


Modular design for installing  add-ons to add functionality. Many addons included at no cost.

Capacity for complexity

Multiple views and powerful filtering capabilities to administrate content

Easy Access to Editing Features

In place editing allows simple, fast editing

Website Administrators

Group level access to pages and editing features allows as much or as little access as needed

Amount of Editability

All areas of the template may be set editable

Responsive Template Design

Mobile ready responsive design available

If you would like to learn more about i-Content, please visit our demo website or call 855-IEVOLVE (855-438-6583). We would be happy to do a no-obligation review of your site and provide a demonstration of i-Content and what it can do for you.