Are you one of the hundreds of millions of people using the Windows XP operating system on your PC? You might want to reconsider; Windows XP, the second-most popular operating system will reach its end-of-service deadline on April 8, 2014.

The Microsoft term “End-of-service”  means that your Operating System (or OS for short) will continue to run. However, Microsoft will no longer provide any sort of updates, including service packs, security updates, patches, and hotfixes.

So what does this mean to current users of Windows XP? For one, increased vulnerability for malware with a strong possibility for an increase in cybercrimes (specifically, stealing personal information, credit card fraud, identity theft, etc.).  Hackers will be more likely to choose the unsupported XP systems as targets due to the increased vulnerability. Also, many software vendors will no longer support their applications on the XP platform, so any new updates will not be able to be applied to these systems. More than likely, there will be an increased difficulty over time with the antiquated OS.

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