browser cache explained

If you have ever worked on a website (or tested a website that was being developed for you,) undoubtedly you have been instructed to “clear your cache”. This article explains what cache is, and how to clear it!

Browser Cache

Cache is one way your web browser speeds up loading web pages. When you visit a website for the first time, all images and supporting files are loaded. These files are saved (as the “cache”.) The next time you visit that same web page, the browser loads the cached images instead of having to download them. This is much faster and greatly speeds up the website speed.

Normally this works great, however sometimes the files and images on the website are actually newer than what is in the cache. If this is the case the browser may display the old, outdated files.

Clear the cache

You can force your browser to reload the files and images by refreshing the web page. This usually works, but if the browser is still showing outdated information, it may be helpful to “clear the cache”. Here is a handy reference for doing that, organized by browser:

Once your cache is cleared, reload the page and you will be seeing the newest version.

Happy browsing!