Tech Knowledge & Experience?
Started off in 1988 as a data entry clerk, became the computer operator for an IBM System 36, from there the networking technology started. I am a hands on, self-taught person. Always willing to do and learn something new. I also enjoy meeting and working with different customers.

What got you interested in technology originally. Is there a story behind it?
When I was in ninth grade my Uncle asked me what I wanted to be when I graduated from high school. I said I always wanted to be a nurse; he suggested getting into computers. I thought it sounded interesting so I looked further into it.

What is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?
Outside of I-evolve, one of the main things I like to do with my time is spend it  with my family(especially my grandsons) and friends. I wasn’t sure about being a Grandmother; however it is one of greatest gift a person can be given.

What has been a big change in technology you’ve seen since you started working?
It has been constantly changing and growing within the past 10 years, going from Dos 3.1 to Windows 95 and now Windows 8.1. What amazes me is when I was in high school my computer teacher said that we would be able to shop from our computer and use our phones while driving in a car. Today we can do all that and more. The cloud is what I feel is the biggest improvement for our customers today.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?
When I am able to fix an issue and the customer is grateful; that is when I feel good and I know I have done my job well.