Dave  joined the I-Evolve Team in August 2008. Coming on board as a Systems Engineer, Dave’s knowledge and skills quickly advanced him to the position of Senior System Engineer – Data Center lead. Dave currently holds the position of Operations Manager. His knowledge and certifications allow him to quickly fix customer’s issues. He holds certifications in  Citrix XenServer, Citrix XENDesktop, Cisco, Juniper and HP. These competencies have allowed to him to stay informed on the latest technologies to better serve our clients.

What got you interested in technology originally. Is there a story behind it?

Growing up I always enjoyed taking things apart to understand how they really worked. In high school our school offered a television production track. We would put on a TV show each morning for the school and I was able to learn various aspects of technology from television cameras to computer based editing systems. When I entered college as a media productions major, I found that it wasn’t the right fit for me so I decided to change to a business track and entered the school of management at UB for management information systems.

What is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?

Outside of I-Evolve, I enjoy being able to spend time with my wife and daughter. I’m also a huge baseball fan and play on a softball league. I am a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan too!

What has been a big change in technology you’ve seen since you started working?

The biggest change in technology is virtualization. It is truly amazing that we have been able to consolidate so much into so little and decrease our footprint.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?

One success story that comes to mind was for a customer whose environment was very old and inefficient. Their environment was not allowing them to perform their jobs to their full capacity and we were able to transform their environment. With virtualization and moving them onto the cloud, their issues were resolved. They now have a stable environment which allows for much greater productivity.