AJ joined the I-Evolve Team as a Systems Engineer in April 2014. With a strong networking background and Network Administrator experience for multi-site companies, AJ is a great addition to I-Evolve! His knowledge of VPN, multi-layer security, active directory, dns, VLAN solutions and advanced features of Microsoft Server  have allowed him to provide our customers with best of class solutions. At I-Evolve, AJ focuses on our Hosted i-Communicate VoIP solution. He is responsible for system installation, troubleshooting and training for our clients.  His great customer skills receive many compliments from our customers!

What got you interested in technology originally? Is there a story behind it?

My love of technology started when I was a kid. We were one of the only families in the neighborhood with a computer. Since then I have always been working with them and trying to learn everything that I could. My interest took off in high school where I took a sequence in technology and won the “most likely to succeed in technology” award, which encouraged me to pursue it further.

What is one of your hobbies outside your time at I-Evolve?

I love to CrossFit.  Before starting it, I had been a power lifter and always in the gym, but school, work and marriage didn’t give me the time I needed to stay in shape. I started CrossFit in June of 2013 and was 245 pounds. I went on a strict diet and went to CrossFit classes at least 3 times a week – it is always different so I never get bored. By October of 2013 I was down to 183 pounds. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

What big change in technology have you seen since you started in the field?

Datacenter / Virtualization. I say this because as you go through school and learn about the technology, there is not much opportunity to see an actual datacenter. Now that I am at I-Evolve and sit just a few feet away from one, I am able to experience this first hand and have learned how truly powerful they really are.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?

I feel the same satisfaction whether working on a small support ticket or a large scale project. With each, I always feel great that we’re helping solve customers issues so they can get their jobs done as well. One of our recent VoIP customers had been experiencing a great amount of QoS (quality of service) problems with their network. I replaced their router and switch which eliminated their issues and the customer is extremely pleased. A larger project I’ve worked on has an existing network that is divided into approximately 100 VLANs. With the help of other I-Evolve engineers, we are flattening the network to only a few VLANs which will drastically increase speed, scalability and reliability. It feels good to be a part of that.