Polycom HD PhoneI-Evolve Technology Services, in partnership with Polycom, said it is the first area technology company to offer High Definition telephony service.

High definition telephony increases the sound quality and clarity of a caller’s voice. The difference is distinct and can easily be heard through an HD phone’s handset or speaker. The voice comes through much clearer in HD, and sounds almost like it had been mixed in a recording studio.

I-Evolve President Kevin Kelly said as of March 16, there were 1,134 handsets in Western New York. All I-Evolve customers now have the HD capability. To use the service, many customers already had HD phones in their offices. These, Kelly said, are necessary to deliver HD quality and cost approximately $20 more than digital phones.

The enhancement is delivered at no extra charge for I-Evolve customers as feature enhancements are standard with its i-Communicate Service.

Kelly said no additional wiring or bandwidth is necessary to deliver the HD service.

“The transition from analog to digital phones was clean, but this is twice as good,” said Kelly of the sound quality. “We actually had several customers call and comment that the quality was unlike anything they have ever heard.”

Kelly said the company’s annual revenues are in the $1 million to $5 million range, and expects the new service to “quickly become a large percentage of our overall business.”

Samples of digital phone service compared to HD, can be tested at http://www.i-evolve.com/voip/

Article Provided by Business First of Buffalo – by David Bertola

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