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Buffalo & WNY VoIP News

New for Q2 2010. Trade in a competitor’s phone and receive up to $75 back.

Polycom’s SoundPoint IP Trade-In Program rewards you when you trade in competitive desktop phones and purchase eligible Polycom SoundPoint IP products. End User customers can qualify for rebates up to $75 on purchases of new Polycom SoundPoint IP phones from a Certified Polycom Reseller. Offer Valid: April 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010

Going Green with Polycom
Polycom trade-in programs include a recycle option, as part of our Going Green with Polycom initiative. Designed to minimize the environmental impact of our business, Going Green with Polycom touches the full product lifecycle—from research and development and clean manufacturing processes to greener packaging and shipping models to proper product disposal.


I-Evolve answers with HD telephone

Polycom HD PhoneI-Evolve Technology Services, in partnership with Polycom, said it is the first area technology company to offer High Definition telephony service.

High definition telephony increases the sound quality and clarity of a caller’s voice. The difference is distinct and can easily be heard through an HD phone’s handset or speaker. The voice comes through much clearer in HD, and sounds almost like it had been mixed in a recording studio.

I-Evolve President Kevin Kelly said as of March 16, there were 1,134 handsets in Western New York. All I-Evolve customers now have the HD capability. To use the service, many customers already had HD phones in their offices. These, Kelly said, are necessary to deliver HD quality and cost approximately $20 more than digital phones. (more…)

Introducing Hosted HD Voice Service in Western New York

HD Voice in Western New YorkBuffalo, NY, March 8, 2010 – I-Evolve Technology Services in partnership with Polycom launched High Definition (HD) Telephony Service on its i-Communicate Hosted PBX platform this week. Enabling HD allows I-Evolve’s VoIP customers to experience the biggest advancement telephony has seen in more than 100 years.

“HD calling makes telephone calls significantly more productive because it all but eliminates the misunderstandings that arise because the standard phone system cuts out four-fifths of the human voice,” said Kevin Kelly, President of I-Evolve. (more…)

Polycom announcing IP and SIP desktop phone trade-in program

Great news, Polycom has just introduced a SoundPoint IP Phone trade-in program for 2010. When you trade-in a competitors existing IP or SIP desktop phones and purchases a qualifying Polycom SoundPoint IP Phone you can receive up to a $100 rebate (the minimum rebate is $50). There is no limit to how many phones you can trade-in and the rebate check will be mailed directly to you.

This is a limitied time offer between January 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010.

PDF Download Complete Form

Standardizing in Polycom SIP endpoints for its quality and value

Buffalo, New York Polycom phones are part of I-Evolve’s leading Business VoIP solution, aimed at small-to-medium business customers. The pairing of I-Evolve’s high-quality network with Polycomís HD Voice VoIP endpoints creates a compelling proposition for businesses seeking affordable, high quality unified communications and VoIP telephony services. I-Evolve’s hosted VoIP services provide businesses with an affordable solution that is fully managed utilizing productivity-enhanced features, a key driver for services in todayís economy.

What made I-Evolve choose Polycom Soundpoint devices are their hardware build quality. There is simply a lot of ‘junk’ devices out there that only add confusion and a poor end user experience. Sure, these devices may cost less in the short-term, but will likely add exponentially to that cost through user frustration and hardware failure. Also, configurability and centralized provisioning is essential. The entire SoundPoint IP series offers (more…)

I-Evolve Introduces Powerful Business – Class VoIP and PBX Hosting Solutions

Powerful Business – Class VoIP

I-Evolve’s innovative business-class VoIP solution can help transform your company’s communication-simply, easily, and affordably. With VoIP, your phone calls are sent over high-speed or broadband internet connection and then connected to the public phone system (PSTN) via our data center, eliminating the need for local and long distance service. With I-Evolve VoIP, small and medium sized businesses can now enjoy the same services that have been traditionally priced for larger companies, without investing in expensive hardware. For companies with multiple locations, you can enjoy these benefits without expansive interconnections among sites or hardware at each location required by traditional PBX’s. Reduce your costs by up to 40%, simplify administration and management and increase employee productivity.

Key Benefits To VoIP:

  • Flat Fee Local Calling
  • Free Inbound Calls
  • Keep your Existing Number
  • Reduce IT and Telecom Support
  • Slash your Communication Costs
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Phone Portability or Number Forwarding