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I-Evolve Technology Services Acquires Crossfuze SMB Managed Services Division

Latest Acquisition Accelerates I-Evolve’s Growth in the Western New York Region

BUFFALO, NY, May 1, 2017—I-Evolve Technology Services, a leading Cloud Services provider, has signed an agreement to acquire the Small and Medium-Sized Business (“SMB”) Managed Services arm of Crossfuze. Crossfuze provides Managed Services to large enterprise clients (more than 1500 employees) which includes the implementation of ServiceNow, an Enterprise Service Management platform.

“The acquisition of the Crossfuze SMB Managed Services division allows I-Evolve to accomplish three strategic objectives,” said Kevin Kelly, President of I-Evolve. “It accelerates our growth plans, gives us access to high-quality technical talent, and provides opportunities to layer I-Evolve’s cloud solutions onto the managed services Crossfuze already provides its clients.”

“We are excited to be transitioning our SMB Managed Services business to a company as respected and forward thinking as I-Evolve,” said Rick Muller, Crossfuze’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our SMB clients will benefit by being able to leverage I-Evolve’s industry-leading cloud solutions. I-Evolve is uniquely qualified in its expertise to take over this business. This is a sound transaction for both companies.”

The acquisition of the Crossfuze’s SMB Managed Service portfolio is the eighth technology company acquisition by I-Evolve. “This acquisition is our response to the vitality of the Western New York business market,” said David Meller, Founder and CEO of I-Evolve. “The need for end-to-end, state-of-the-art IT services is strong, and acquiring this SMB-focused division of Crossfuze better positions I-Evolve to meet the growing demands.”

Crossfuze’s technical resources on staff will be retained, bringing I-Evolve’s total workforce to 32 full-time personnel with additional hiring now in progress.

Meet the Team: Alex

Short history/bio. Tech Knowledge & Experience?

I Grew up in Olean NY, lived in Columbus Ohio form 2002-2008, where I started college and worked Tech Support for Apple, and Verizon DSL and Fios, before moving back to NY in the Buffalo Area. I had worked other various I.T. jobs until I was laid off in 2010 and decided to return to school and finish my Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems. After graduation I found employment working in I.T. for a local Copier provider where I spent three and a half years before coming to i-Evolve.

What got hat is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?you interested in technology originally. Is there a story behind it?

Growing up one of the first memories I have of using a computer was in elementary school using Apple II computers and having to put in the program to run on the computer, writing a simple command, all to see a triangle draw a circle on the screen. I have been fascinated with technology and the science behind it ever since

What is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?

Besides spending time with my wonderful daughter, I’ve been playing guitar from almost 16 years, I’m also a very active photographer, ranging from taking landscape, urban/city photography, however my favorite is astro-photography.

What has been a big change in technology you’ve seen since you started working?

All of it as technology is always changing and evolving.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?

I’m rather modest so I don’t really have what I consider a success story, I just try to do what I can to resolve the customers issues and make them feel that someone does care about fixing their I.T. issues.

Meet the Team: Tracy

Tracy Derrett joined the I-Evolve Team as a Services and Support Assistant in February 2015. Her customer service background and strong people skills made her a great addition to the team! When you call or visit our Buffalo office, she’ll be the first person you speak with. In addition to being the first point of contact for our clients, she also plays a key role in assisting our sales team and is always following up with clients to make sure they’re satisfied.

What got you interested in customer service originally? Is there a story behind it?

I have always enjoyed working in the customer service field because I enjoy communicating with customers and helping them out in the best way I can. I have always worked in the customer service field, such as working as a hostess throughout college really helped me discover what to pursue my career in. Communicating and helping people out with any issues or questions they may have is exactly what I am able to do at I-Evolve, it was the perfect fit!

What is one of your hobbies outside your time at I-Evolve?

Outside of I-Evolve, one of my main hobbies is to go swimming or doing any water activities during the summer season. I love spending warm summer days with my friends by the pool or doing fun activities such as jet-skiing or boating.

What have you learned about technology since working at I-Evolve? Has it changed anything in your daily life?

One of the main things that I’ve learned is how much information can be stored in the cloud. I was amazed to learn that all your information can be stored in a way that you can simply retrieve it back if anything would have had happened to your PC/Laptop. It has become such a life saver to so many people; technology has really improved over time it’s amazing.

What do you enjoy most about working at I-Evolve?

I enjoy the people I work with and the great clients we have here at I-Evolve. I feel like were a big family at work, and it’s a great feeling to work with such wonderful people!

I-Evolve has major growth spurt in Rochester

September 29, 2015

Rochester, NY − I-Evolve Technology Services is pleased to announce big additions to its Team

Gary Papke – Senior Account Executive
Susanne Dewey – Services and Support Assistant
Steve LaRocca – Telcom Systems Engineer
Christopher Neusatz – Cabling Project Coordinator
Jacob Francis – Cabling Technician
Ben Cosgrove – Cabling Technician

All formerly with Monarch Telecom out of Rochester, NY, the new additions to the I-Evolve team build upon the company’s leading position in the information technology and cloud computing sector and also further drive the company’s visibility throughout the Northeast.

“Growth like this doesn’t happen by accident. Expansion takes the right team and a good strategy” said David Meller,

I-Evolve’s founder and CEO.  “I-Evolve has been working hard to constantly improve our cloud offerings, develop scalable processes and most importantly, keep clients happy. All of these elements have allowed us to enter a growth spurt.”

I-Evolve President, Kevin Kelly, said, “Gary Papke and his team are excited about joining the I-Evolve team.  Their combined experience in the industry amounts to over 90 years!  We will leverage this experience to help expand the future services of I-Evolve.”

About I-Evolve Technology Services –
I-Evolve is a business technology consultant and solutions provider headquartered in Buffalo, New York. The company has a strong presence in Western New York but services all of North America. I-Evolve leads the industry in delivering Disaster Recovery, Network Services, Hosted VoIP, Internet Services and E-Marketing.

I-Evolve’s strategic approach combines the use of remote technology along with automated software management and provisioning systems. I-Evolve solutions enable customers to focus on their core business while I-Evolve ensures the quality of their Voice and IT infrastructure. For more information, call 855-IEVOLVE (855-438-6583) or see

Meet The Team : Robert

Robert started out working in Graphic Arts around 1999 and then moved into Information Technology. He is mostly self-taught and says he cannot help but to feed the need to always learn about technology. Robert holds industry certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, Cyberoam.

What got you interested in technology originally. Is there a story behind it?
As a kid I always enjoyed taking electronic devices apart and making other things from them. I spent a lot of time working on RC cars and computers. After working with MS DOS and BASIC I was hooked on the PC. From that point I dove into computer networking and just followed my interests.

What is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?
I enjoy getting out in the woods and riding four wheelers with the family. It is nice to get outside and camp or fish. I also like to tinker with electronics and two-way radios. One project I started at home is an automation system using a Raspberry Pi and using it to control lights and things around the house.

What has been a big change in technology you’ve seen since you started working?
I think the biggest change in technology that I have seen is that the tech toys and computers have made it into everyone’s home. The Internet has gone from an experiment to a connection to every household. So much information is available at our fingertips.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?
At one of my previous employers I was involved in moving their NOC and data center to a new facility. A lot of effort went into wiring, configuring equipment and installing new hardware. For me, working on a project like that and being involved from an empty building to a finished data center was amazing.

Official Cloud Computing Sponsor for the Rochester Knighthawks

ROCHESTER – I-Evolve Technology Services announced today they have been named the Official Cloud Computing Sponsor of the Rochester Knighthawks Lacrosse Club.

The Rochester Knighthawks are a professional lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League that play in Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial, located in downtown Rochester. As the official sponsor, I-Evolve will be working with the Knighthawks to provide wifi, network services and internet services for future seasons to come.  “We are proud to be in partnership with the Rochester Knighthawks.  I-Evolve will allow the Rochester Knighthawks to stay up to date with changing IT needs. These IT solutions will be deployed, managed and maintained by I-Evolve” said David Meller founder and CEO of I-Evolve.  “We’re excited to be working with the Rochester Knighthawks, especially as we are expanding our reach deeper into the Rochester market.” Said Kevin Kelly, President of I-Evolve.

“We look forward to working with I-Evolve. We have witnessed their continued success in supporting professional sports venues and are confident that they will go above and beyond our expectations to provide us with top quality service” said Lewis Staats, President for the Rochester Knighthawks.

Founded in 2001 as a traditional network services provider, I-Evolve has progressed to a managed-services model and now is an industry leader in delivering Web Services, Cloud Computing, Business Continuity, Network Services, Hosted VoIP, Internet Services, Disaster Recovery and E-Marketing solutions. Its strategic approach combines the use of remote technology and automated software-management and provisioning systems, enabling customers to focus on their core business while I-Evolve ensures the quality of their Voice and IT infrastructure.