Short history/bio. Tech Knowledge & Experience?

I Grew up in Olean NY, lived in Columbus Ohio form 2002-2008, where I started college and worked Tech Support for Apple, and Verizon DSL and Fios, before moving back to NY in the Buffalo Area. I had worked other various I.T. jobs until I was laid off in 2010 and decided to return to school and finish my Associates Degree in Computer Network Systems. After graduation I found employment working in I.T. for a local Copier provider where I spent three and a half years before coming to i-Evolve.

What got hat is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?you interested in technology originally. Is there a story behind it?

Growing up one of the first memories I have of using a computer was in elementary school using Apple II computers and having to put in the program to run on the computer, writing a simple command, all to see a triangle draw a circle on the screen. I have been fascinated with technology and the science behind it ever since

What is one of your hobbies outside what you do at I-Evolve?

Besides spending time with my wonderful daughter, I’ve been playing guitar from almost 16 years, I’m also a very active photographer, ranging from taking landscape, urban/city photography, however my favorite is astro-photography.

What has been a big change in technology you’ve seen since you started working?

All of it as technology is always changing and evolving.

Can you share any success stories of something you’ve done for an I-Evolve customer that you’re particularly proud of the results?

I’m rather modest so I don’t really have what I consider a success story, I just try to do what I can to resolve the customers issues and make them feel that someone does care about fixing their I.T. issues.