I would like to personally thank each of you for giving up your valuable Thursday evening and attending our second “Open House and Demo Seminars”. Your enthusiastic participation is a testimony of your readiness to learn technologies and services that I-Evolve provides for our customers.

A big “thanks” goes out to our sponsors and partners who helped put on the seminar. Our participating sponsors included Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Citrix, and Level3 Communications. Thank you for the backing of this seminar.

As discussed at the demonstrations, we will commit to adapting new technologies for the purpose of keeping businesses in Western New York up to date and informed, so we at I-Evolve can help you focus on your core business needs.

Again, thank you for your participation. Please send us your feedback and email us any suggestions for next years demonstrations. Check out the pictures at blog.i-evolve.com.

What a fantastic beginning! Looking towards the future,

Kevin Kelly
President, I-Evolve Technology Services