As the economy remains weak, and IT budgets suffer, doing more with the infrastructure you have has never been more important. But investing in antiquated networking infrastructure, storage, servers and bandwidth may not help you reach your strategic goals.

Here are some of the ways I-Evolve’s solutions can help your company reduce costs:

  • Reduce or eliminate complex, outdated branch office IT infrastructure, software to back up, patch, protect and the time to manage by consolidating servers.
  • Reduce or eliminate your outsourced server management costs at branch offices.
  • I-Evolve will consolidate your servers at our Data Center to help avoid degradation in end-user application performance. This can also reduce your investments and operating expenses.
  • Improve your business continuity process by accelerating backup and replication, which means shorter RTO and RPOs across longer distances, without adding more expensive bandwidth.
  • Reduce power and cooling requirements by better utilizing fewer centralized servers through consolidation.
  • Reduce facilities expenses by making enterprise applications work for home-based workers as they do at headquarters allowing more people to work from home.

Doing more with less

From networking to storage, data centers to mobile workers, we can help you get as much as possible out of the investments you have already made over the last five to ten years. In fact, we can actually help you do more with less: fewer servers, less storage, less power consumption.